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Why ReactJS is Better than Other Frameworks?

Advantages of ReactJS Framework

In this article, we will see the advantages of the ReactJS framework.

C0mmunity Driven

When we delve into the popular ReactJS websites, we will discover that one of the common motivations is the community drive. The framework provides a strong ecosystem for developers to drive. Also, it uses one of the most popular languages in web development JavaScript. In essence, community support is huge.


The best React websites make an excellent showcase of their intuitive architecture that allows for flexible implementation through features like virtual DOM. That means besides the fact that it can be used to build anywhere, it can be integrated anywhere too even on platforms, where it had not been used.

Faster Iteration

Another common theme for companies is the speed of iteration. Publishing updates for apps including web apps becomes faster and smoother from a business perspective. This you to sustain the interest of your target audience for a longer period. Updates are delivered over the air and can be implemented easily.


From a business, perspective is a very good solution, when it comes to saving development costs. In one of the examples of companies in this article, it took a team of only three main developers to rewrite a code base from scratch. Companies hire fewer developers and rely of fewer resources while yet achieving greater results. You would be surprised at how little it cost to create some of the most popular websites built with React.

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