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Most Asked Backend Developer Interview Questions in 2023

Backend Developer Interview Questions 2023


The backend developer builds the application on the server side. They are responsible for building and testing the client-server environment. Asking the right backend development interview questions can help uncover a professional’s skills. So, in this article, we will see the backend developer interview questions in 2023.

Experience building scalable software solutions while implementing coding best practices. Fully understand at least one backend programming language such as Java, PHP, Ruby, or Python. Fully understand and be competent to work with database technologies such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, etc. Soft skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, and innovation. For senior developers, leadership skills are important.

Beginner Backend Developers Questions

What is difficult about writing code?

By asking beginner candidates how they pull through the difficulty of writing code. You can gain an idea of how motivated and resilient they would be at work.

What is your approach to debugging?

There is no perfect coder anywhere, and neither is there ideal code. What you should look out for in a candidate’s response to this question includes the debugging tools they use, how they handle troubleshooting, and what exact steps they take to fix issues.

What is the difference between software architecture and software design?

Software architecture is the structure of a program. Software design, on the other hand, is the actual code-level implementation of the software requirement. If software architecture is the blueprint of a program, software design would be the program’s building.

What are some CI/CD practices?

Continuous integration(CI) is an ongoing automation process that ensures the regular building and testing of a program. Continuous delivery (CD) occurs later in the lifecycle and refers to the ongoing development of a program ahead of production. Taken together, CI/CD is an automated process that closes the gaps between the development and the operations teams in a bid to scale u production.

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Why would you use microservices architecture?

Microservices architecture is defined by the integration of multiple smaller independently deployable services into a single application. It improves the versatility of the operation since individual services may be written in different programming languages. Therefore, you leverage the strengths of each language for the requirements of each service.

What is your most challenging project?

Being a senior developer is also a matter of the kinds of projects the developer has handled and how they have surmounted the toughest challenges. One way to discover this is to ask the candidates about their biggest endeavor and how they pulled through.

How would you organize a software development team?

Senior developers often have to bear the burdens of maintaining cohesion within the team. Thus, good leadership skills position an excellent developer and these must be examined via back-end engineer interview questions.

How to prepare for a Back-end developer interview (if you are an employer)?

The only way to determine if a developer is as skilled as they say they are is to probe their past projects. Every developer must have worked on some project before. Whether a pet project for a beginner or a massive project for a big business.


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