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Top 5 Web Development Project Ideas for Beginners

Beginner Web Development Projects

Projects play a huge role in shortlisting our resumes and creating an impression. But we cannot make such projects easy. Let me tell you 5 easy web development projects for beginner that can be completed within a week.

Before you start the project, I will tell you 4 important points that you must follow:

  • Make an attractive UI – Design your project user interface attractively and Don’t use a random design.
  • Make sure you Host your project – This is the major reason why you should have an attractive UI. Adding a live link of your project to your resume will add massive value to your resume.
  • Make sure you must have unique features – Actually, many of the projects we are doing are already existing projects in most cases. But if you copy all that project as it is, it will not add much value to your resume. So you add extra value to your project by adding unique features.
  • Make sure you know the in and out of the project – You need to know your project thoroughly, which means you need to know how each and every function in your project works. Because there are opportunities to ask questions based on a project in your interview.

5 easy web dev projects

1. Clone of an application

We can get clones of social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc very easily. Click this youtube playlist to learn how to create a clone app they have provided the source code. This playlist covers the major apps we need, so you can watch and learn. But if you just put an Instagram clone in your resume, it will not add value. If you have prepared an app like YouTube, put it like you have prepared a streaming platform and add some unique features to it. You can also create an app that combines YouTube and Netflix.

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2. Building apps

These are not very easy apps like calculators, money converter, etc and such apps will not add value to your resume. You can also create games like candy crush, snake ladder, etc. I would say the best resource for this is the “clever programmer” youtube channel. They have built many projects and posted videos on this channel, so you can easily create your desired project by watching this channel. By watching and learning this you will be able to complete your project and gain more knowledge. And make sure you don’t copy exactly what they tell you, take what they say as a reference and try to create your own implementation. You can also keep Kenny yip coding youtube channel as a reference

3. Site for some business

You can create a local business site for projects like swiggy, zomato, rapido, etc. You can also create a website for your business and add extra features. But for this, you will not get the source code directly as you thought. So you can take and merge each feature to create it. This is a little time-consuming but there are many resources already available online.

4. Building portfolio site:

You can create a portfolio site quickly and it’s add very value to your resume because it is your portfolio.

5 . E-commerce Site

E-commerce sites are amazon, fipkart, shopclues, etc. You can create an e-commerce website with your idea

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