Bootstrap min-height | Explained

Bootstrap min-height

Learn bootstrap min height classes with example code. This class is used to set the height of an HTML element. The character ‘h’ indicates the height.

  • h-25: sets the height of an element to 25% of its parent width.
  • h-50: sets the height of an element to 50% of its parent width.
  • h-75: sets the height of an element to 75% of its parent width.
  • h-100: sets the height of an element to 100% of its parent width.


<div style="border: 1px solid black; height: 100px; ">
   <div class="bg-primary h-25">25% Height</div>
   <div class="bg-primary h-50">50% Height</div>
   <div class="bg-primary h-75">75% Height</div>
   <div class="bg-primary h-100">100% Height</div>


bootstrap min height

See the above code, we have created four div tags. First div has 25% height, second div has 50% height, third div has 75% height and fourth div has 100% height using the bootstrap classes.

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