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Best Examples for Creating Linear Gradient Border in CSS

Border Linear Gradient in CSS

If are you looking for how to create a border using linear gradient in CSS then this article is for you. Read on, to learn how you can apply gradient borders to a button, container, form input, image, etc. CSS offers a wide range of styling options to make your web designs visually appealing. One such powerful feature is the border linear gradient, which allows you to apply gradient effects to borders.

The below linear gradient borders are created using the CSS border-image-source property. We have specified the width and type of the border in the border property.

To create gradient borders in tri colors, you need to use background properties, like.

You can get gradient borders on opposite sites by using a border-image property.

You can make the borders in a different shape using the create a border-radius property with tri colors gradient border.

You can change the HTML forms <input> tag borders default black color to gradient borders as in below example:

 By doing this we can make it attractive to users so that users spend more time on our site.

And even you can change the borders of your profile to gradient colors by using background properties, such like:

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