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What is Cite Tag in HTML | Citation Words

Cite Tag in HTML

Both quotation and citation refer to the content of others. The difference is that if you refer to a part of a work, it is a quotation and if you refer to the whole work, it is a citation. For example, if I take single a quote from Tirukkural and use it in my content, it is a quotation and if I refer to the whole quote, it is a citation. If you use citation words, you can put them into the <cite> tag in HTML. The default style of the cite tag is italic. We can see the difference between the normal letters and the letters inside the cite tag in HTML.


<p>The <cite>Thirukkural</cite> is a classic tamil text 
consisting of 1330 couplets dealing with the everday virtues 
of an individual.</p>
  1. In the above code, there is a paragraph about Thirukkural
  2. Here the word “thirukkural” refers to the entire thirukkural book and hence we have given the <cite> tag. The cite tag is paired tag, so we should create opening and closing cite tags.


cite tag in html

So, these tags are very used fully to see the important word. If we use this tag, users can easily find the important words. The words of citation look like Italian words. The italic <i> older tag but the <cite> is introduced in HTML5.

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