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What are Conditional Operator in PHP | Explained

Conditional Operator in PHP

In this article, we will see the conditional operator in php.

Conditional operator

Conditional operator( ? 🙂 : It is the only ternary operator; which accepts 3 operands.


(operand1) ? operand2: operand3;

operand1: should be a condition
operand2: if the condition is true, operand2 is executing
operand3: if the condition is false, operand3 is executing


$num = 10;
$result=(($num%2)==0) ? "even" : "odd";
echo $num, "is", $result, "number";
10 is even number

Note: Conditional operator is a kind of shorthand notation for if else statement.


  1. In the above code, we have created a “num” variable and assigned the value “10”.
  2. We pass the “($num%2)==0)” condition to operand1.
  3. Then we give the “even” value to operand2 and the “odd” value to operand3.
  4. If the operand1 condition is true, the operand2 value is displayed else the operand3 value is displayed.
  5. Here, the condition is true. So, it returns “even“.

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