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What is Container tag in HTML with Examples | Full Guide

Container tag in HTML

In this article, we will see about container tag in HTML and some examples of container tags.

What is a container tag?

Tag which requires opening and closing (start and end) tags are called Container tags. These tags are used in pairs, i.e. start and end tags. In HTML, all tags contain an opening and closing tag but some rare tags don’t have a closing tag. Those tags that do not contain a closing tag are called empty tags.

Example of the container tag

  • <html>… </html> – Define a HTML Document
  • <head>…</head> – Define document and contain info about document
  • <title>….</title> – It contain title of a document
  • <body>…</body> – It contains all the HTML structure of website
  • <p>….</p> – Paragraph tag
  • <h1>…</h1> – Heading tag
  • <b>…</b> – Bold tag
  • <i>…</i> – italic tag
  • <u>…</u> – underline tag, etc.

The above tag is called container tags, because they have start and end tags.

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