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How to Use Iframe Tag in HTML – Advance Guide

Create Iframe Tag in HTML

  • Introduction
  • What is an iframe tag?
  • How to create an iframe tag in HTML?
  • Iframe’s role in the web
  • Benefits of using iframes
  • Drawbacks of using iframes
  • Iframe vs Embed vs Object tags
  • Conclusion


  Hello everyone, In this article I will tell about iframes in HTML. Most of people use iframe tag in html to display different webpage on current webpage. There are many benefits to using this iframe tag in html. It allows the user to determine the size of the area on which you want to display the content of another webpage.

  Before the advent of CSS they used to come up with a page layout. The first row contains header information, the second row contains content information and the third row contains footer information. Only the content section will change when we go to the next page. They used frame and frame set tag to bring a setup like this to a layout. I will not go into detail about how it works and how to encode it, Because it is deprecated and we will not be used to it. I just said that you need to know the differences between frame and iframe. There is an alternative which we use known as iframe tag in this article we will see more about the iframe tag in the following text.

What is an iframe tag in html?

  Iframe is the short form of inline frame. It is quite similar to the frame tag and it is used to display a local web page as well as a remote web page. iframe is the tag we use to embed another webpage into our webpage. Local web page means web page available in the current website and remote web page means a web page available in another website. This allows specific content on other websites to be placed on your website. It also used to transfer content from one place to another.

For example: I want to display a youtube video on my website, for that I can not download video because I do not have server capable of video streaming like youtube server. Then this video file will be served from youtube server and the video will be displayed on my website. The tag used for that is the iframe.

How to create an iframe tag in HTML?

<iframe width="560" height="315" src=""
 title="YouTube" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay;picture-in-picture"

Follow these steps to create an iframe tag:

  1. To embed a webpage you must first use the iframe opening and closing tag.
  2. Mention the width of the video using the width attribute.
  3. Mention the height of the video using the height attribute.
  4. The key attribute in the iframe tag is SRC, which should be used to specify the URL of the video. If you use the iframe tag, you must use the SRC attribute.
  5. You can create a border for the iframe using the frame-border attribute.
  6. Title attribute is used to enter the title of the video.
  7. Allow attribute, in this attribute mention what features you want to allow and it allows all the features like autoplay, picture-in-picture, etc.
  8. Allow full screen attribute, it allows you to watch the video on the full-screen.
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Iframe’s role in the web

If you upload a high-quality video on a website or blog, managing your web server can be difficult and too-very slow. Users will come only if the website is fast. So if you embed the video using the iframe tag, your website will not have any problems. You can also download and use your video from youtube, twitter, facebook etc. or other sites.

For example: I have create a movie download website. It is not enough to just put the name of the movie, I would like to show the trailer video of the movie as well. If you don’t need to go to youtube and download the trailer video for that. You can embed a youtube video using the iframe tag and display it on your website. That video will be display on your website, but it will play on youtbe. So the inline frame tag plays a huge role in the web.

Benefits of using iframes tag

 You can embed not only video but also ads, youtube, google maps location, social media posts, RSS feed in iframe tag in html on your website.

AD’s: Google ads on the website are created using the iframe tag. They will give you a code after you approve adsense on google. That code is iframes and you can paste it anywhere you want. This enable your advertising partners to easily provide and maintain the content they’re paying to display on your site.

Youtube: This videos embed code utilizes an iframe to display a video hosted on its platform on your page. Using the iframe tag don’t worry to upload the video.

Google maps: You do a Google search for the restaurant, some people have written content about that restaurant. They will also embed the restaurant from google-map. Like this you will benefit by embedding google maps. You may have seen google maps iframe not only in restaurant but also in temples, stores, atm etc. Unfortunately google has since replaced API key, so new users cannot embed maps via iframes.

Social media : Iframes are a great way to display social media posts. Nowadays it has become customary for celebrities to tell important news on social websites, that message does not go to everyone. If you put that post on the website using the iframe, post related searchers have the opportunity to show the post. And also help for develop your social media followers, likes and comments.

RSS feed: Like ever changing social media posts, RSS feeds are sometimes easier to display using an iframe and you simply use the RSS feed URL as the “SRC” attribute.

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Drawbacks of using iframe tag in html

  If you use the iframe tag in html the video will not shown if the SRC attribute was not given or given incorrectly. So you have to enter the SRC attribute embed code correctly. You can lot of video’s embed from youtube on the same page, left and right scrollbars will be take up automatically. Because there is no space for the video, thus causing a bad user experience for the audience. I think the application in it is difficult to handle, Because in every event it has to post message, say, scroll or resize. Except for this, other than that I think there is nothing wrong with that. If you have any problem using the iframe tag then let us know in the comment box.

Iframe vs Embed vs Object tags:

 This three tags are seem to be very similar or identical to each other with respect to their syntax or code.

Iframe tag

Embed tag

Object tag

Iframe tag “SRC” attribute is used to specify your URL of the file or resource.

Embed tag “SRC” attribute is used to specify your URL of the file or resource. Object tag “data” attribute is used to specify your URL of the file or resource.
If you do not use the scrolling = no attribute then the scrollbar will come up automatically. There will be not auto scroll. There will be not auto scroll.
It Supports embedding YouTube videos. Embed cannot supports embedding YouTube videos. Object cannot supports embedding YouTube videos.
Iframe is dynamic. Embed is static. Object is static.
Iframe tag has a capability to adjust itself with respect to updated plugins. Embed tag don’t have a capability to adjust itself. Object tag don’t have a capability to adjust itself with respect to updated plugins.
Iframe tag were give any frame or guideline to user that is not connected to the internet. Embed tag were not doing this operation. Object tag were not doing this operation.
Iframe automatically uses the appropriate video player an place the video on almost all platform similarly for other file format plugins. ex: PDF, images, videos, etc .  iframe tag works quite properly in all device. It does not support all file format for embed. It does not support all file format for embed.
Iframe tag use for youtube videos embedding. Embed tag use only when you cannot perform something. Object tag use, if you want to run the java applet.


  I hope this article was helpful to you, and if you have any doubts about web develop or web programming language, let us know in the comment section.

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