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How to Fit Background Image to Screen Size in CSS

Background Image to Fit Screen

  • Introduction
  • What is CSS background image and how to add
  • Background image size
  • How to fit CSS background image size to any screen
  • Conclusion


 If you do not know how to fit the background image size screen in CSS, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will tell you about CSS background image size and how to fit CSS background image size to any screen. It is very useful to fit the image on any device screen.

What is CSS background image and how to add

background-image: url(“../picture.jpg”);

  The image that appears on the back of a webpage is called the background image. You can also add color to the back of a content called background color, But we not going to talk about that. The CSS background-image property is used to specify the background image for any Html element. Various values that we can assign are we can assign the value “none” or we can assign a “URL” function having the image path or an image name. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.

You can use the background-image property in CSS to add a background image. If you want to add your image to the background image property you must enter the path of your image correctly. If you do not enter the path of the image correctly, the background image will not appear on the webpage. You must enter the path of your image inside the background image value of the URL (''). Putting two dots “../” inside the URL () means you came out of the HTML or CSS file. So if you put your image and HTML document in the same file it will be easier for you to write the image path. You can use vs code -editor to write this background-image path correctly and easily as it will show a lot of suggestions in this code editor. You must enter your image format next to the image name.

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CSS background image size

CSS Background image size is the size of your image and it is used to specify background image size that is width and height of the background image. We can control the width and height of the background image by using CSS background-size property. We can assign various values that we can assign space-separated two values the first value is for width and the second value is for height. Width and height values we can assign in fixed length like pixels or in percentage(%). We can also assign the value of auto, cover or contain. There are four types of value for CSS background size:

Background-size : x-size-length y-size-length | x-size% auto | cover | contain

Cover: The image covers the entire element according to the width and height value.

Contain: Tries to put the image within the element which means the image is going to be contained by the div element.

100px auto | 100% auto: Most of the time we use auto value for the height, a browser should calculate the automatically height value. If you give a width of 100px or 100%, the height will be definitely 100px or 100% because the browser calculated based on the aspect ratio.

How to fit CSS background image size to any screen

You can make your image fit on the screen by using the cover value in the CSS background-size property. It also fits the portrait image, but the image looks bigger. So you use the landscape image. Using the background-size property will make your image responsive.
If you want the background image to fit on screen, use the code below:

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Method 1:

background-image: url("../HTML/image.jpg");
background-repeat: no-repeat;

Method 2:

background-image: url("../HTML/image.jpg");
background-size: 100%;
background-repeat: no-repeat;


 I hope you have learned through this article how to fit CSS background image size to screen. So if you have any doubts about CSS background-size please let us know in the comment box.

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