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Difference Between Javascript and PHP

In this article, I would like to discuss the difference between javascript and PHP.

Major Difference Between JS and PHP

You can see here below table, I have listed out the major difference between javascript and PHP.

JavaScript PHP
Type of Scripting language Client side Server side
Platform Independent Yes Yes
Case Sensitive Yes Yes
Access to database No Yes
Access to file system No Yes
Programming Paradigm Prototype based class based
Can be embedded in HTML Yes using <script> tag Yes using <?php … ?>
Security less Secure
  1. Javascript is a client-side scripting language whereas PHP is a server-side scripting language.
  2. Javascript is platform-independent as well as PHP is also platform-independent. Platform independent means they are not specific to the platform. JS and PHP codes can be executed on any platform, it may be Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, etc.
  3. Both Javascript and PHP are case-sensitive languages. This means both languages treat lowercase letters and uppercase letters completely differently.
  4. Javascript has no access capability to the database and file system. Whereas PHP has the ability to access a database as well as a file system. With the help of PHP, we can generate PHP files, if we delete files we can retrieve and modify data from the database.
  5. Javascript is considered a prototype-based language whereas PHP is considered a class-based language. That means JS if I need to create new instances or objects in javascript takes the help of prototypes or functions available. Whereas in PHP, if I need to create new instances or objects in PHP, we take the help of class. We create a class with the help of that class, we create may any number of instances or objects.
  6. Javascript is an object-based language whereas PHP is considered an object-oriented language. In JS, we don’t have object-oriented features like class, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, dynamic binding, etc. But we can simulate the object-oriented features in javascript with the help of prototypes. In PHP, we have object-oriented features.
  7. We can embed javascript code within the HTML with the help of <script> tag. And also we can embed the PHP code within the HTML with the help of a special PHP tag. The PHP special opening tag is “<?php” and the closing PHP tag in HTML is “?>”
  8. Javascript is less secure whereas PHP is considered more secure than javascript.
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How the client-server architecture works

We know that Javascript code is execute by browsers within the client machines, hence javascript is consider as the client side. Whereas PHP code is execute by the PHP engine available within the server, hence the PHP is consider as server side.

The network on the internet work based on the client-server architecture. Let’s see the image below to understand it clearly.

difference between javascript and php

Clients and servers are connected to the internet (WWW). A server is a machine where we upload our website and it consists of websites. Any computers, laptops, or mobile devices connected to the internet is considered client, within the client, we will have a browser like a google chrome, safari, opera, etc. With the help of the browser, we request the page to the server. The request will send to the server and the server locates the page “if it is available”, the server sends the page as a response back. That page will be displayed or rendered by the browsers, we can see the page in a browser. So, the client is request to the server, and the server responds back to the request. Hope you understood, how the client-server architecture works.

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