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2 Simple Ways to Embedding HTML Code in E-mail

Embedding HTML in Email

If you are a web developer, you may have had a situation to embed HTML code in Gmail. When share your the HTML project through gmail, it is shared as code, so we need to embed the HTML in gmail. Only then will the output of our HTML program be shared. So, in this article, how to embedding html code in email.

What is embedding html?

It is the process of including HTML code directly within the content of a webpage, email, or other digital document. Embedding HTML requires knowledge of HTML coding and can be a complex process, but it provides flexibility and customization options for creating unique and engaging digital content.

How to embed HTML code in email?

We cannot embed HTML in email using mobile phone so let’s see how to achieve using computer. Follow these two methods to embed your html code in email.

With extension method

To embedding html in email, we need to use the “Insert HTML by Designmodo” extension.

Step 1: Add extension

Add the “Insert HTML by Designmodo” extension to chrome.

embedding html in email

Step 2: Create your HTML code

You can use a code editor or website builder to create your code. I have taken below HTML code for example:

      <p>Select Your Language:</p>
         <input type="radio" name="lang" value="eng" checked>
         <input type="radio" name="lang" value="fren" >
         <input type="radio" name="lang" value="spanish" >

Step 3: Copy and paste your code

Open your g-email and create a new message. Then Click on “Edit HTML” button as shown in the below image:

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embedding html in email

Copy your code and paste it in the blank box as shown above image. After paste the code, click the below “insert HTML” button like:

embedding html in email

Step 4: Send your email

After inserting the HTML code, our HTML code is successfully embedded in the email. So, see the below image our HTML code is embedded:

embedding html in email

Now you can send your email to your intended recipients.

Without extension method

Compared to the previous method, this method is a little bit confusing. So, let’s see the steps to embed HTML code in email without using any extension:

Step 1: Go to email and click inspect

Go to your email and create new compose email. Type any text in your body section of the email message like I typed ‘99999‘ in the image below. Then select that text and follow the navigation right click > inspect elements.

embedding html in email

Step 2: Edit as HTML

After click the inspect element, the HTML codes will open. Then right click on the selected blue color code and select “Edit HTML” option as shown in the below image:

embedding html in email

Step 3: Copy and paste code

We need to find the text typed in the email i.e. ‘999999’ and replace your HTML code there as shown in the below image.

embedding html in email

Then click anywhere outside and close the element box.

Step 4: Send your email

After paste your HTML code by following this steps, the HTML code is embedded successfully. Now you can send your email to your intended recipients.

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embedding html in email


So, you can embed the HTML code in Email using these two ways. I hope this article will be useful to you in some way

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