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Frontend Web Developer Roadmap in 2022 : Full Guide

Frontend Developer Web Roadmap in 2022


If you search online to learn web development from scratch, you will have a lot of options and you will be confused as to what to choose and study in it. Web development is one of the highest-paid jobs in 2022. In the future, there will always be web development because the day we became full and full screen-oriented like mobiles laptops in our daily lifestyle. The particular profile of web development will always be in demand. There are so many programming languages, like ( java, python, angular, and node js) that it can be confusing what to learn first. In this article, I will tell you which programming language, tools, and framework you need to learn as a front-end developer, what kind of skills you have, and frontend developer roadmap in 2022.

What is front-end

Front-end development or client-side development is the design part that may be related to your screens. For example, On Facebook, you interact, like, share, and comment, the display area where the user interacts (UI) is the front end or the client page. Front-end developers work with front-end screens in mind for how servers and databases work. It involves HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Html is used to design and structure a webpage, CSS is used to design or styling on a consistent theme for a website and Java Script are used to program the functionality of the website or webpage. We can build a complete website using these three languages ​​but it takes a lot of time, So front-end frameworks came to fix this.

Frontend frameworks can be useful for building a website faster and reusing a lot of elements. And the popular front-end frameworks are React.Js, Angular, and Vue.Js. React.js is not a framework, it is a but it helps to build the website. Everything else will be easier if you learn one frontend developer framework using the roadmap first because everything will be similar in 2022. And it helps us to force and maintain our application in a structure.

What skills are required for front-end web developers in 2022

If you want to become a leading developer, you need to know all these 3 languages:

  • HTML
  • CSS and
  • Javascript.


It means Hyper Text Markup Language and it is the base coding language used to create any webpage. HTML provides the essential foundation for an entire webpage. Using HTML you can create the location of each of the elements that can be seen on the screen. It defines the content of the website. You need an editor to create and run an HTML file, you can generally use HTML in notepad or notepad ++. But I suggest, a visual-code editor because it has a lot of features.

In the snippet below, I have typed HTML basic. You can create basic HTML, using the following elements:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> your title </title>

<h1>Your elements here </h1>


The basic syntax of HTML tags explains:

  • <!DOCTYPE html> – Html output is run even if it is not, For robots and software we mention this document type as Html. This is an important interview question. It is an unpaired tag.
  • <html> – It has opening <html> and closing tag </html> and it is the base tag for Html. The </html> closing tag must be at the ending of your Html document.
  • <head> – In this head tag, you must not use any tags other than the title tag, the link tag, and the style tag. It is a paired tag.
  • <title> – Whatever title you give inside this tag, it will be displayed as the title of your webpage.
  • <body> – It is very important to tag in because we have to use all the elements in the body tag. The body tag has a lot of tags and attributes. You need to close this body tag above the </html> closing Html tag.


p{ color : blue }

In the above snippet :

  • p is a selector – The selector in CSS helps to select the Html element. There are 3 types which are Id selector, element selector, and class selector
  • color is property – Property is used for style a given to an Html element.
  • blue is a property value – The Property value is used to give the value of the property. It is set against CSS properties
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CSS is a Cascading Style Sheet. It has a lot of properties and values. Some people think of it as a programming language but it is a stylesheet or styling language. Because it does not have the logical or arithmetic performance that can be done in a programming language. CSS is an important language in front-end development. It is used to build layouts and create a dynamic design for your webpage. You need a text editor to code a styling language and a web browser to run the code. I suggest you, sublime or visual studio code text editor and google chrome browser. You should not always run the code in internet explorer, because it will be so ugly and you will not like it. But what a best front-end developer will do is design that internet explorer and your webpage to look beautiful.

And I will till at the end of the article frontend developer roadmap in 2022. If, I say why CSS is so important styling language, then let’s take Facebook for example. Check out the image below to see what Facebook looks like without CSS.

frontend developer roadmap in 2022


It is a programming language in which you can implement your logical ideas like addition, and subtraction. Both Html and CSS are not a programming language, but this is purely programming language. You can write a program using javascript to see what happens after clicking a button on the website. When you go to Instagram and refresh, the program will also be written using javascript to bring in new content.

Front-end Frameworks

The popular and we need to learn frontend developers frameworks roadmap in 2022 is:

  • React.Js and
  • Angular.Js


Facebook was the first company to invent React and use it on their screens. It has some functionality required for a common screen. It is open-source which means anyone can use it. React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces or front-end development. React apps or websites are all run in the web browser only, So the execution time will be short. The advantage of using react is We can divide everything into individual components like header components, footer components, etc. This way when we move from one webpage to another, your entire website is not loaded only the body of the component is loaded.


Angular.Js is the next advanced stage of jquery, but it is not dependent on jquery. This framework is made by google company. Using angular framework you can create a single-page application. It has the concept of components, which can be used to create reusable code. Rich Internet Applications (RIA) can be created easily and quickly.

If you have not read any framework, then you should read React.Js. The react framework is easy to read when comparing the angular. You must read one of these two frameworks. These frameworks are used to write functions in javascript. Whichever of these two you write the code, it will come with the same program structure.


Using pure CSS in an application can be a bit difficult for us because it is very difficult to maintain pure CSS across an entire website. If you want to write pure CSS for your website, you have to write a lot of code for it. If it tries to change an element, it will break another element. Since we have a lot of problems using pure CSS like this, CSS preprocessors were created to avoid this. CSS preprocessors are tools or programs, in this preprocessor, we have more options than pure CSS. The CSS we write will be translated and finally converted into pure CSS that we can use.

One of the popular preprocessors is:

  • SASS,
  • LESS, and


We have the same problem in javascript as in CSS. Plain javascript code is hard to use and we have a lot of limitations in it. You can use instead of plain javascript we have a programming language called typescript. Using it we can easily give structure to a website. This language is translated and compiled by a transpiler and converted to javascript. Instead of using pure javascript, it is much easier to write code in object-oriented language using typescript.

Version Control Systems

The Preprocessor, typescript, and frameworks all help to make webpage or webpage development faster, but version control systems are not for that.

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Version Control Systems are helpful to store all the source code that we can write, tracking the history of the project, and collaborate as a team. By learning Version Control Systems, we can store and maintain our source code properly and handle it properly even if we include a new developer. It is very important for team working because Each developer in a team writes each part of the code or program to complete the project at the end. We use the version control system to combine all the codes. The most popular version control system is GIT. 80% of all organizations in the world are using git version control. If you upload your project on git it will be very useful for you later. And a lot of people already have their project uploaded on git and you can use it.

How Much Salary for Frontend Web Developer in 2022

The average salary for front-end developers is around 4 lakh 94 thousand in India whereas in the USA. A senior front-end developer earns around $100,000 on average. The junior front-end developer the average income is around $70,000. Now, these front-end web developers have one of the most bankable skills on the job market today. The national median income for front-end developers stops at more than $70,000. In a market where the competition for top tech talent is fierce, the median salary can rise above $100,000. These were some of the basic data for a front-end developer’s average salary.

Front-end web developer’s average salary in the US states 2022:

Average Salary
California $119,222
New York $114,041
Washington $107,845
Massachusetts $107,533
Georgia $91,410
Colorado $89,884


Front-end web developer’s average salary in India states 2022:

Average Salary
Gurgaon, Haryana ₹626,419
Mumbai, Maharashtra ₹586,238
Bangalore, Karnataka ₹519,817
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh ₹506,279
Pune, Maharashtra ₹481,394
Chennai, Tamil Nadu ₹471,114


Front-end web developer Salary based on skills in the USA 2022

  Your salary does not only depend on the geography or the company. It also depends on the set of skills that you possess. Now the skills in JavaScript angularJs and JQuery are co-related to pay above average. Whereas skills like CSS and Html pay less than the market rate. So let’s have look at the different average salaries based on the skills in India. If you are well versed with Java Script your average salary would be around $51,300 and if you are well versed with CSS it would be around 480,000. Whereas you are skilled with angularJs it comes up to $51,200 for JQuery it is around $48,000 and for bootstrap, it’s around $49,400. So you can see that JavaScript and Angularjs are on the higher side when it comes to skills and salary. JavaScript is topping the table in popularity as well.

Front-end web developer Salary based on Experience in USA 2022

There are different levels of experience first you have an entry-level front-end developer which means that you have experienced less than one year for that your average salary would be around $30,000 per annum. The next level is the early career front-end developer which is you have experience of around 1 to 4 years and for this range, your average salary would be around $43,000 per annum. The mid-career developers which means you have experience of about 5 to 9 years and for this, your average salary would be around $80,000 per annum. And the final level is the experienced front-end developer, where you must have experience of around 10 to 19 years and for this level, your average salary can go up to $1,300,00 per annum.

How to learn front-end development as a fresher

If you start learning front-end development as a fresher. Follow these simple steps:

  1. You learn the HTML first, the second CSS, and the third Javascript. It may take you 2 to 3 months to learn these basic front-end languages, depending on your learning capacity. You need to work on practice for at least 2 hours per day. There are many tools to practice these basic languages online.
  2. Learn React.Js front-end framework and it takes 1 month to learn. You can read react js only with knowledge of basic front-end language. So, read this after reading the basic language
  3. The next important thing is the version control system. You can easily read and complete GIT in 1week
  4. You can learn pre-processor and typescript in 1 month.
  5. So in a total of 5 months, you can learn everything you need to be a front developer.


Many paid internships are coming daily for front-end development. Front-end development is a highly demanded skill in the frontend developer roadmap in 2022. So, I think I answered most of your questions in this article. I hope you like this article and if in any doubt tell me in the comment section I will respond

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