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How Long it Takes to Learn Javascript

 How Long it Takes to Learn Javascript

This article will discuss how long it takes to learn JavaScript and how you can learn it quickly.

How it can be learned easily

I will tell you the best online course and books to learn javascript quickly.

Online courses

I recommend websites to learn javascript are:


  • Eloquent javascript, 3rd edition: A modern introduction to programming. –  buy book
  • Javascript in 24 hours, sams teach yourself – buy book
  • Professional javascript of web developers – buy book
  •  Head first javascript programming: A brain-friendly Guide – buy book

Youtube videos

If you think you cannot learn only by books and online courses, then you can find good videos on youtube and see to learn javascript. I recommend YouTube channels are:

And you don’t understand just by watching videos, you have to practice and only then you will remember concepts.

How long it takes to learn

Javascript is a scripting language so if you know a programming language like c++, python java you can learn javascript easily. Because the main concepts like loop, functions, if statements, operators, etc in javascript are based on the programming language. And there is a small difference between programming language and scripting language. So, Even if you know the basics of programming language you can easily learn JS in 2 months. But if you don’t know basic programming, JS can be learned within 5 months or if you do a lot of hard work and push yourself more, then you can learn it within 3 months as well.

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Check out the sites, book, and all that we have shared in this article. Also, you should practice trying different codes to learn them better, only then will you learn many things!

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