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Easy Way to Create HTML Forms

How to Create HTML Forms Easily

  • Introduction
  • What is form in HTML
  • How do I create forms
  • Using radio button
  • How to set up a file selection box.
  • Conclusion


    Creating html forms is not difficult, just create some more within this code <form> and make a html form more attractive. As usual the opening should be <FORM> and the ending should be </FORM>. It is in the middle of these two that the details of the fields should all be given. The SERVER not only ‘cooks’ them and prepares the appropriate response, but also stores the given information on the sites

What is html forms

 These html forms are very useful for those who visit your website and think of contacting you after seeing it, to send you the information they want immediately. Their answers may be criticisms or you may have to ask for more information. It’s like setting up these forms in VB or any database software, it’s senses, lists, radio buttons, boxes that say “Not-Right”. After entering all the information the user will press the SUBMIT button. Validation methods should be included in the software to see if the information given is correct in the expected form. Let’s see more information about forms.

How do I create html forms

<form method = "get or post' action = "URL" 
enctype = "type">
Field definition

The verb Get sends information directly to the server and sends the verb Post as an individual. The nickname Enctype refers to the kind of code in which information can be translated. If no other command is specified then the browser will take the application / w-www-form-urlencoded. So, what if the general sentence is,

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General syntax:

<form method = "post' action = "/cgi-bin/scripts"
enctype = "appolication/w-www-form-urlencoded">
Field definiton

The message given up to this point should be without any code. Now we will give the information inside one by one, First he was asked “name and address” and he had to answer. This is followed by a series of questions related to your website, such as “How do you rate the quality of service ?”. You must first use the <input> code to hear the name. An information box i.e. TEXTBOX will be given to take the information given to be used with this code. This code just generates the  html forms. Then we will see how to create and use other form elements.

<input type = "type" name = "name" size = "number" 
value = "value">

  The word type indicates which element of the form you are going to create. It could be an info box or a radio button. The word name gives a name to that element. And the size refers to the size of the element.

Using radio button:

  The use of radio buttons is essential when the button has several options and only one has to be selected. When one is selected the other becomes redundant. Check out the program below to see how you write in the software to create those buttons.

<input type = "radio" name = "name" size = "number"
value = "value">

Here type is said to be radio button. The nickname name refers to a small group of these buttons. Each meeting should be named differently. But every button in the same crowd will stay the same name. If you want only one specific option, you can encode that selection in the INPUT code without giving any other commands. It depends on their needs. If not used, the usual designed radio buttons will be used. Now let’s create a set of specific radio buttons. In doing so, we take the first button as a special choice. The writing style is the same as before. Must be written after the previous set of radio buttons.

<form><input type = "radio" name = "radio_buttonA"
value = "Yes" checked>yes<br>
<input type = "radio" name = "radio_buttonA"
value = "No"> no <br></form>

How to set up a file selection box

  You may need to attach a file with an email. Therefore, the facility to link the files with the above form should be provided.HTML leads to it and a box is set up similar to the info box to select the file. The corresponding code is <input>.

<form> <input type ="file" name ="name" 
size ="width of the field"
value +"value" accept + "MIME content types">
Attach files : <input type ="file" 
name ="filelocation"
size =25 value ="file 1"> </form>

File word tells you to give a box to attach a file t0 and the name tells us what name the file will be called in the program. Size is the field used to describe the file, the layer, and the path to reach. value takes (when no other command is given). “Accept” refers to what kind of files this program can support. You can select the files by selecting the files by pressing the tag button which is displayed as BROWSE on the right hand side of the box.

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  There are many types of forms in HTML. Here we look at the most important and most effective types.

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