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How to Create Multiple Pages in HTML | Full Guide

How to Create Multiple Pages in HTML

This article will show us how to create multiple pages in HTML. There are some situations we need more than one HTML page. In a web development company, all websites cannot be developed by one person but can be developed by a group or team. In this case, they will create more than one HTML page and link all the pages in the end or we can create multiple pages for the main menu(navigation bar). We can easily create pages using a sublime text editor.

How to Create HTML Pages

1. Create a new file.

First, You need to open the sublime text editor. Then you should “select file > new file” option to create a new file. You can also create a visual studio code editor or normal text editor.how to create multiple pages in html

2. Save as .html extension

If you save your file with an extension (.html) then your file will become an HTML file. You can achieve that in sublime or Vs code editor also as in the above image. You can select the “save as” option and save your file with the .html extension compulsory. For example, I have created home, contact, disclaimer, and about separately to create a navigation bar.

how to create multiple pages in html


3. linking pages into home

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Disable button</title>
<a href="./../home.html">Home</a>
<a href="./../contact.html">Contact</a>
<a href="./../disclaimer.html">Disclaimer</a>
<a href="./../about.html">About</a>


In the above code, we have linked the HTML pages with <a> tag. You can embed as many html pages as you want on the home page

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