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Three Ways to Display Dollar Sign Using HTML Code

 Dollar Sign in HTML

In this article, I will tell you about HTML code for dollar sign. You can put dollar signs directly but sometimes they don’t work in HTML. So, we can put a dollar symbol using HTML code. Let’s see how to do it.

Three ways to put dollar signs

<span>HTML code :&#36;</span><br>
<span >Hexcode :&#x24;</span><br>
<span>Normal : $</span>


html code for dollar sign

  1. In the above code, the first method is using HTML code. The dollar sign HTML code is “&#36”.
  2. Then we use the second method using Hexcode. The dollar sign Hexcode is “&#x24”.
  3. And finally, we use the normal method. We put the dollar sign “SHIFT+4”

We can display the dollar symbol in HTML ouput only by using these three methods.  You can use the easy method “SHIFT + 4” if that doesn’t work then you can use the Hexcode method.  So, I hope you will follow the dollar sign through this article

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