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Top 10 HTML Projects for Beginners 2023 [with Source Code]

HTML Projects for Beginners 2023

In 2023, beginners are trying to become frontend developers by doing HTML projects, because these languages ​​are everyone can easily learn. Since the demand for full-stack development is very high in the future, the first step to learning it is to do small projects on the front end. Not only will these projects familiarize you with the syntax and structure of HTML, but they will also introduce you to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), the companion language that allows you to bring style and visual appeal to your creations. As a beginner, it’s crucial to practice and apply your knowledge by working on real-world projects, so try the project I mentioned in this article.

Why do an HTML project as a beginner?

Engaging in HTML projects as a beginner offers many benefits that can greatly enhance your learning experience and pave the way for a successful journey in web development. We should not stop learning any programming language not just HTML because it will shorten our learning path. You can experiment with colors, layouts, typography, and visual elements to create visually appealing and engaging web pages. This creative aspect of projects allows you to develop your unique style and showcase your personality through your designs. You don’t need to be an experience to do projects, you just need to know HTML basic tags, attributes, and CSS properties. Your involvement in projects will not only improve your coding skills but also develop your logical thinking. So, roll up your sleeves, dive into HTML projects, and unleash your potential as a budding web developer.

Top 10+ HTML Projects with Source Code

By following the below project ideas you can create your own ideas and improve your unique design skills.

1. Personal Portfolio webpage

Sharing information about yourself and your Achievements/Awards, Education, Work Experience, etc. is called a portfolio. The goal is to create a portfolio that effectively presents your knowledge, work style, skills, projects, software, and experience in a clear and organized manner, making it easy for potential employers or clients to understand your capabilities as a web developer. By creating this, we can show our identity to everyone so we don’t have any limitations in how we express ourselves. You can add your brief introduction with highlights your background, skills, and passions. You can add new features to your portfolio site, which it makes more interactive, engaging, and memorable for visitors. This project must be responsive designs which means mobile-friendly.

Source code: https://codepen.io/celincky/pen/abPjZb

2. Interactive resume

In today’s world, there are many websites to build our resume but without remembering all of them you can create a resume in your favorite designs using HTML and CSS. You can add fonts, colors, and backgrounds to make your resume attractive. And you can use icons for your location, numbers, email, and social links in your contact info section. If you have done any projects, by adding their direct links in your resume, the interviewer will click on your project link directly.

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Source code: https://codepen.io/jqtgppnx-the-reactor/pen/jOBBPNj

3. Landing Page

Creating a standalone webpage designed specifically to capture the attention of visitors and encourage them to take a specific action. It is used in marketing campaigns, product launches, or lead-generation efforts. When building a landing page project, HTML is used to structure the content, and CSS is employed for styling and layout. And additionally, JavaScript can be utilized to add interactivity or enhance functionality if needed. You can add features to the landing page like Minimal Distractions, a call to action, and a Concise and Persuasive Copy.

Source code: https://codepen.io/Shadow31/pen/abKoxKe

4. Quiz site

You can create a quiz site with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can create a quiz site by giving random and giving 3 or 4 options below it, you can display red color if users choose the wrong option and display green color if users choose the correct option. And if users select the wrong answer, you can even create a way to show the correct answer automatically, then click the next button to display the next FAQ. So use your creative skills to add as many features as possible. You can create a total of 10 quizzes and display the scorecard when the user completes answering all of them i.e. you can display how many quizzes the user has answered correctly.

And you can create a “try again” button to make the user play our quiz again from the beginning. By creating a quiz site like this you can become strong in HTML tags like forms, input, <a>, and JavaScript functions.

Source code: https://codepen.io/leandro-machado-martins/pen/xxdWZMy

5. Parallax webpage

A Parallax webpage is a webpage that uses parallax scrolling effects to create an engaging and immersive user experience. It involves the background and foreground elements moving at different speeds as the user scrolls down or interacts with the webpage. Images are important in a webpage like this, so our images should be attractive and quality. Then we can keep changing the images as the users scroll and when the users reach the end of the page we can display the final message through the background designs. Scrolling should be resource-intensive because only then it will optimize the webpage’s performance to ensure smooth scrolling and fast loading times. Avoid applying too many animation effects to your images and set images in the background as much as possible.

Source code: https://codepen.io/moabi/pen/VzoYJw

6. Image gallery

In this HTML Projects for Beginners 2023, you can create a gallery that displays a collection of images with the ability to navigate and view each image. The purpose of an image gallery is to showcase multiple images in a compact and accessible format, allowing users to view and interact with the images. You can insert an image using the HTML <img> tag with the “src” attribute to give your image path. You can also add additional attributes like captions or titles to provide more information about each image. Structure the image gallery by arranging the images in a grid or other layout format.

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Source code : https://codepen.io/GeorgePark/pen/vdqYom

7. Recipe Website

You can make a website where users can share and discover recipes like swiggy, zomato site etc. You can add the features like a favorites list, add carts, etc in your HTML Projects for Beginners 2023. This project will improve your HTML tags and CSS design skills. It provides a platform for users to browse, search, and discover various recipes for different types of dishes, cuisines, or dietary preferences. When creating a recipe website project, HTML is used to structure the web pages, CSS is used for styling and layout, and JavaScript can be utilized to add interactive features like search functionality or user interactions.

Source code : https://codepen.io/virsagomk2/pen/EvWRJm

8. Survey page

A webpage that collects feedback, opinions, or information from users through a series of questions or prompts. The purpose of a survey page is to collect data and feedback from users to gain insights, make informed decisions, or assess user preferences. We can add the Submit or Completion Button to allow users to finalize their responses and submit the survey. We can add Progress Indicator to show users how far they are into the survey and how many questions are remaining.

Source code: https://codepen.io/bmutebi/pen/qgEBZP

9. Tribute page

This project involves dedicated to honoring and paying tribute to a particular person, group, event, or cause. It is a way to showcase and celebrate the achievements, contributions, or significance of the subject being honored. When creating a tribute page project, HTML is used to structure the content and elements of the webpage, CSS is employed for styling and layout, and images or videos may be included to enhance the visual appeal.

Source code: https://codepen.io/kamiye08/pen/aVjzRG

10. Email Newsletter

If the users visiting our website want to know our latest updates, they can subscribe using this email newsletter. You can do this project if you are very beginner-level because it’s very simple and easy. It involves designing and coding an HTML template with CSS styling to ensure the newsletter displays properly across various email clients and devices. You can create Email Newsletter with Consistent Layout, engaging Header, eye-catching typography, and Effective Use of Colors. And you can add the Call-to-Action Button to encourage readers to take desired actions. Make sure your project is responsive and adapts well to different screen sizes and devices. Don’t create the same designs as everyone else, create attractive designs using different styles, colors, and layouts.

Source code : https://codepen.io/dominickolbe/pen/oxjLXo

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