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HTML Random Number Generator with JavaScript

HTML Random Number Generator

This article is about how to generate HTML random numbers like:

See the Pen
JS random number generator
by Wonderdevelop (@wonderdevelop)
on CodePen.


<title> Random number</title>
<p id="number"> </p>
<button id="b" onclick="random()"> Get number </button>
<script type="text/javascript">
function random(){
document.getElementById("number").innerHTML = Math.floor(Math.random()* 100)

In the above code, the random numbers generator code is written using HTML and JS.

  1. First, create a <p> tag with ID and give a name for display numbers.
  2. Create a <button> with ID and set the onclick attribute as random() in the above code. When the user clicks the button, the random() JS function is called.
  3. We can display the random number only with the help of javascript. So, we need to write a JS function to display the random number.
  4. In JS, we write the function random(), so put the keyword “function” and then the function name.
  5. As in the above code, inside the curly braces call the getelementbyid function and enter the IDname of the <p> tag.
  6. Then put unequal to (=) and write the code math.floor(Math.random()*100). The code above contains 100, so random numbers within 100 will be displayed, you can put any number in place of 100.
  7. Run your code and the random numbers will be displayed when the button is clicked.

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