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Uses of Percent Sign in JavaScript | Explained

Javascript Percent Sign

In this article, we will see what is the use of percent sign in javascript. In JavaScript, the percentage symbol denotes the modulus or remainder operator. The modulus operator is one of the special type operators in Javascript. The remainder operator allows you to find the division of two numbers.

For example

const remainder = 15 % 7;

// output : 1

Here, we have created content namely “remainder” and assigned the value 15 % 7. The whole thing will give us the remainder of 15 divided by 7. It will be equal to 2 remainders 1, so 1 will be stored in the remainder. Therefore, output 1 is displayed.

Example Expression

-15 % 7;

If we give the negative value of the first operator then the result will return a negative value. Here, we have the negative value for the first operator (-15) then put the modulus operator and give a negative or positive value i.e 7. So, the result is “-1”

15 % -7;

But if you set the first operator to positive and the second operator to negative, you will get a positive value. For example, see the above expression, we have the first operator in positive and the second operator in the negative, so the result is returned a positive value of 1.

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