Level Up Your React Skills by Knowing What is a Hook

What is a Hook in React

Before you study hooks concept you must know some basic concepts in react like functional and class components, state, etc. So, in this article, we’ll see what is a Hook in React and what are the types.

What is the hook?

We can use react hooks to do all kinds of operations in function components without class components. The class component is called stateful and the function component is called stateless. So, the state is only available in the class components because we have extended the component class from react. If we create react app without a class component we cannot manage the state but if we use react hooks we can manage the state. It enables the reuse of logic between components, making it easier to manage complex states and side effects within a functional programming paradigm. The hook feature was introduced in Hooks in version 16.8.

Types of hooks?

There are several types of hooks available in React and each hook has its own usage. Some basic hooks are:

  • useState Hook – To add state to functional components.
  • useEffect Hook – To handle side effects in functional components.
  • useContext Hook – To access context values in functional components.
  • useReducer Hook – To manage complex state transitions
  • useCallback Hook – To optimize performance by memoizing functions.
  • useMemo Hook – To optimize performance by memoizing computed values.
  • useRef Hook – To access mutable values that persist across renders.


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