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Top 10 Most Popular Web Framework

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Hi guys, Whether you are interested in learning as a web developer there are many types of popular web framework that you will definitely need. In this article I have share the which frameworks should be read by the web developer. You will need to rewrite some basic code to build the website, they created frameworks to reduce that work and keep it simple. Many web developers using frameworks to simplify their work.

Web development can be divided into two types, They are frontend and backend development. Frontend development is everything that client (client-side) can see on the website. This requires a lot of framework to give structure and style to a website. There are even frameworks for both the frontend and the backend. Back-end development is everything that client (server-side) can not see on the website.

Popular Front-end Web Framework

React JS:

It is a Java Script library for building user interfaces and its used for create single-page application. Single-page application means that as you move from one page of the website to another, only the specific content in the middle will change, and the topper and footer will not change. This saves time and reduces a memory and it is one of the popular web framework. React Js is a native app, it means one that is installed directly on phone and can work and with no internet connectivity depending on nature of the app. It creates a VIRTUAL DOM (Document Object Module) in memory. VIRTUAL DOM means exact only the object to which we are changing is change, and no other content will change.

For React Js we need to install both Node.js and NPM (node package manager) in your system. These two package is useful to learn React Js in offline mode. NPM is a open source used to share application or softwares and it have 8 lakhs coding packages. It is developed by facebook company and the main reason it is a single-page application is that now that you put a like on Facebook the page will not reload at the time the likes increase. All this magic is done using React Js.


It is used to create UI for web application for front-end developers. This was created by Rich Harris and released on Nov 2016. Its popularity increased after released 3rd version of svelte and the current version is 3.46.4. This framework is completely written in Type Script. The features of this framework is it is compiler not a run time, All other frameworks run in the browser but what’s different is that it’s a compiler.

It does not run only when you run the browser, it will be compiled as soon as your application is created. And other important feature After the react everyone thought it was fast because it had a virtual DOM in it, but it’s not like that is not used virtual DOM , so it is faster and smaller in size. Since there is no virtual DOM, it will update directly on the DOM. It is 32% faster than React and this does not mention any official application with them. As far as React is concerned you will have to write a lot of boiler flat code, but there is no need to write anything, simplified code and support like that in Svelte.


It is a one of the popular web framework open-source Java script framework and Java script is the dominant language for web development and Vue is to make it even simpler. It is created by ex-employee from Google and the first version was released in Feb 2014. Angular is also a google product you all know that, The Vue was created to avoid the complexity in it. It is highly approchable and performant to use from small scale to large scale. Vue is used for front-end developers, everything that can be done from the react, angle can be done in this as well.

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Vue is an easy to start with any developer can understand and build interactive web interfaces in matter of time. It is used by most of the developers as it is user-friendly and developer friendly. Some developers are switching from Angualr to Vue for simplify the work. Before learning Vue.Js you need to know the fundamental basics of HTML, CSS, JS. Importing tools like Vuex, Vue router, Vue p5 into Vue will make it easier for you to implement. Vue p5 is used for front-end UI/UX designing and Vue router is used for website URL routing.

Angular JS:

It is power full front-end framework used for easy to build web application and gives support. The world no.1 search engine is google , He create a team and they are creating this Angular. Before you learning angular you need to learn all basics of front-end popular web framework. It is a (SPA) Single Page, it means not reloading full webpage loading only the content of the webpage. The Angular is a Typescript based on works. However, when the compile goes to the browser, it just goes as Javascript.

Application Angular is developed by Google. It is used to create Styles, designs and data collection required for content. You can be read by relying on angular and you don’t struggle. This is works Javascript must be enable but this will not work if you disable JS. You can create single page application you needed to required many more coding and basic concept. The advantage of Angular JS is MVC (Model View Control) pattern Until now MVC was used only for server side coding MVC separates the coding and the frontend part used to easily test and maintain the coding part. Other advantage is Open source , Cross browser compability and free usability.


It is a Front-end CSS framework used to build a beautiful responsive web application UI (User Interfaces). It is used mainly for responsive web application , it means In the early days, we used to use only computer and laptop to view website ,after few years mobile and tablet began to come. Then they created two identical websites Because, to use one website for computer and laptop and another website for mobile and tablet. Because the size of the screen is different. They invented responsive web application technology to avoid this. Initially they were doing this using CSS and It was so complicated. They created a framework to overcome it called Bootstrap. This framework is a Reduce use framework developed using HTML, CSS and JS. The advantages of bootstrap is Responsive design, saves a lot of development time, ready to use components and consistency.

Popular Back-End Web Framework


It is one of the most popular PHP framework after Codeigniter. It is a PHP based popular web framework for building high end application using its significant and graceful syntaxes. Laravel is one of the open-source PHP frameworks and it follows Modular-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. It was developed by Taylor Otwell and it was released on after releasing codeigniter framework. Laravel is a advantage version of codeigniter. It is easy to read if you are familiar with Code Ignitor and PHP. It includes various characteristics of technologies like ASP.NET, codeigniter, Ruby on rails and more. No framework has a security purpose but, laravel framework will make the project security purpose.

The current version of laravel is 8, which is a stable release, released on Sep 8, 2020. The features of laravel is ,Routing controller for that means you can convert the URL path can work. Testabillity for that means your project modules is testing in laravel. Authentication and authorization of user for that means each user have Separate username and passwords. Modularity many libraries are available in laravel framework. You can also run the database as object oriented ORM (Object Relational Mapper). And it provides run a modules as a template engine to your project

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Spring is a advanced framework of java and it was released by spring organization company. It is a light weight because a set of jars will be added to start develop no need to install and open source framework created by Rod Johnson in 2003. The old name of the spring was interface21. It can be used for UI layer, business layer and backend layer all of these three layer implementation for a relation time application.

Its giving infrastructure you can take whatever you need for your project and use it. Structs is used only for front-end and Hibernate is used only for back-end but Spring is used for both of front end and back end development. Spring framework is simple and popular web framework because as it is non-invasive and it is testability. It prerequisites is leaning a core java and application server. Spring is the one who came to overcome EJB and J2EE. core:

It is developed by Microsoft and it is free open source popular web framework . core is the framework created for the cloud web application and came for Cloud Optimize. The runs only in Windows platforms but core is run in cross platforms it is the main focus of it. Although it was created in the 90s, it was not until 2016 that version 1.0 was released. The latest version of core is 5.0 unified platform. It is combines of the features of frameworks MVC and Web API. This can be running by both of the cloud or premise.

It using NUGET package and not using web.dil and NUGET is more efficient than web.dil. If you want to develop an application, you can install whatever packages you need in that package. So, NuGEt will take care of all these packages problem. The advantage of core is Ability to develop any other platforms, Blazor allows you to use C # in your browser, Razor pages make it easy to mark scenes.


It is a open source web frame work for node.js. express.js is faster and robust means stronger. It is used to create or design a single page or multi page web application. A request can only be handled at a time. When a request is handled, if multiple requests come in, those requests have to wait. synchronous means only after one request is completed can another request be accessed. If it is asynchronous then it will handle a lot of requests at once and clients do not have to wait to use this. express.js is asynchronous.

It express JS support middleware to respond to HTTP requests. Thoughtless middleware can also be used to execute a function in between a request and respond. And it allows routing concept to perform diferent action based on user action. This routing is used as a redirect from one page to another. Express JS allows templates for dynamically render HTML pages. To install this framework globally using this command “npm install -g express”.

Ruby on Rails:

It is a server-side web application framework based on Ruby programming language. It is used to develop full stack web application and it is one the best and popular web framework efficient compared to other framework. The framework is installed and enabled by default along with various security features. It was introduced by David Heinemeier Hansson. Ruby on rails could be develop on ten times faster than other java frameworks.

Ruby on rails is designed to encourage this way of doing things and even sometimes discourage alternatives so, that way you spend more time coding and less time setting up endless configuration files. It is a server-based MVC framework fro web development and app programming. Rails written completely in ruby and it extends ruby to solve a problems without a programmer having to reinvent anything. It times many ready to use plugins and modules so, developer don’t have to waste time developing boilerplate code.

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