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Best Programming Language For Web Development

Programming Languages For Web Development in 2022

  • Introduction
  • Which should I learn first
  • Programming Languages
  • Should I use Python or PHP for Web Dev
  • Conclusion


  There are many ways to create a website. Many people today create websites using tools. You can do that but you can not be a good web developer if it is created using tools. So, if you want to create the website you want, you must first learn some programming language for web development. Web development is split into front-end and back-end language. If you want to become a web developer, you need to read both languages.

Which should I learn first:

  First you have to learn front-end languages. The main languages ​​of front-end are HTML, CSS and Javascript. You must be interested when you learn programming languages, otherwise you will not understand. You can also learn front-end languages ​​by watching tutorials and youtube videos or by going to a programming language for web development class. HTML language is not a programming language it is Hyper Text Markup Language and the latest version of HTML is HTML5. Learn the basics of Hyper Text, World Wide Web ,Hyper Media.

  Also have a clear understanding of the structure of the document created in the HTML language, the tools used to create the document and the important tags along with their examples. CSS is not a programming language it is Cascading Style Sheets. The latest version of CSS is CSS 3 and it is used for website layout and designing. A language that is mainly used by the many website. Looking at any website without CSS is not good. Finally you need to learn JavaScript, which is a programming language for web development with HTML and CSS. It is using for both front end and back end development.

programming language for web development:

Front-End Languages:


  There are many tags for each image, music, video, not just text. Learn these important tags and create them in notepad as program codes as we need and give the file an appropriate name, save it as HTML as file extension. If you want to display a text in a specific color on a computer screen, there are tags in the HTML language exclusively for that. Likewise there are tags for the size of the characters to be screened and where they should be displayed. Just as there is a grammar for all the languages ​​we speak, such as English and Hindi, there is also a grammar for programming language for web development.

  If you have a windows computer it will have a text editor called Notepad and a browser software called Internet Explorer. Notepad lets you create lines for the HTML language. Then you can view it through Internet Explorer. If your computer has an Internet connection, you can make the webpage you create known to the world. Every opening tag contains one closing tag and the between the opening and closing tag text is called content of the related tag.

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  It makes a webpage responsible for running a presentation. CSS decides the look and feel of a webpage and it change the background color, the color of the text, the size of the font and many more. The basic structure of the CSS rule is that must be codes between the <style> tag. This file extension is must in CSS. If you want to design any HTML tag, class or ID in CSS, you must first enter the HTML name in the <style> tag. The selector is the one that mentions any elemental style in the HTML document.

  There are two main varieties in to mentioning a selector, it is HTML element selector and ID selector. The element selector means use the HTML tag manually for the CSS selector. We will create our own ID for the HTML tag and the ID selector is to defined the ID use it in CSS. There are two types of rules to define style one is property name and another one is property value. Saying what should affect is called property name and Saying how to affect is called property value.


  It can create a lot of platforms for a lot of topics like a sea. JS is a programming language and you can implement your own logical ideas and build an application that you remember. It is a client side scripting programming language for web development. The websites was created in the 1990’s with using HTML and CSS only, then many websites are simply displayed on that time and not even interactive. That’s why they created Javascript. Interactive application can be built upon HTML thanks to the power of JavaScript. This file is saving in .js extension. This language are using in both of frontend and back-end development. In web development using JS are many frameworks are use Jquery, angularjs, vuejs, reactjs etc.

Back-End Languages:


  It is powerful high-level language and object oriented programming language for web development. Python was developed by Guido Van Rossum and it is very simple to learn easy-to-use syntax. You do not need to have learned any language before learning this. Python Language Basics comes to computer students in the 1st semester. Python came before java developed. To use an interpreted language like abc, that could access the system calls. The features of python is Extensible, embeddable, object-oriented, free open-source and large standard libraries to solve common tasks. In web development using in python there are many frameworks are available Like as, Flask, Pyramid, Django etc.

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  It means Hypertext Preprocessor and it is using most for web development. Keep using this language very wide range and it is secure language. There are lot of predefined functions in it to use it simplify our work. It can implement the concept used in other languages. It is a open source scripting language because no need to pay money and you can download it directly. PHP supports all platforms like windows, linux, unix etc and easy to use. We can also link a database to a webpage we have created and it can support any other Third-party application. And it is a server side technology, it means coding we create is not client-friendly. PHP file extension is .php.


  Everything in it is object oriented, that means happens around the object. It is very secure application for use. We can design a lot of different types of application. No matter what application you visit, it is not without Java. This programming language for web development has its own platform that is the java run time environment (JRE). It supports all OS and platforms like Windows, Macos. Write one read everyone it means in java, you can design on one platform and recreate on another platform. It can run a lot of task.

Should I use Python or PHP for Web Dev:

Yes, You can use PHP or Python for back end development. Object-oriented based programming is PHP, which is object-oriented and process based programming is Python. Comparing these two languages, both are excellent programming language for web development ​​in every way. Python has a lot of frameworks, But PHP is more than just comparing python. Python is very easy to learn it as no assign value but PHP has low learning curve comparing to PYTHON. Maintaining PHP codes and projects is a bit difficult, comparing to PHP the python codes are security. You can choose any one of these language and learn well.


  So, these programming languages are very use for web development. Many developers learn basics of these languages and got developer jobs. You have must learn 3 front-end languages and 1 back-end language.

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