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How to Use q Tag in HTML | Explained

q tag in HTML

In this article, we will see what q tag is in HTML.

<q> tag

It is paired tag in HTML, so we put opening and closing <q> tags. It is used to create double quotes for the texts. If we put some text inside the <q> tag, the text will be displayed with double quotes (” “). When creating a website for a big project, we cannot put all the words separately in double quotes, so we can easily create double quotes using this <q> tag. In HTML5 is introduced the <q> tag.


<q>..some text...</q>

Example code:

<q> DO OR DIE </q>


 q tag in html

  1. If you want to add double quotes to texts, you need to give “<q> opening tag” first.
  2. Then you need to put the texts you want to put in double quotes.
  3. Finally, you should give “</q> closing tag”.

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