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How to Become ReactJS Developer | Complete Roadmap

ReactJS Developer Roadmap

In this article, we will see how to become react developer and what is a complete roadmap to a Reactjs developer. React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for building User Interfaces (UI). It is one of the fast and most flexible JavaScript libraries to build apps and it is also has a strong community to help employees when they face any problems. By using ReactJS, we can build the application based on the components only. You have to break down the complex code into individual pieces, which means you divide your entire user interface into reusable components. All are developed separately and finally merge all components into parent components, which is then rendered.

Nowadays, a lot of companies are moving into React. So, that is the reason many beginners and experienced developers are upgrading their skills by learning this JavaScript library.

Must Learn to Become React Developer

  1. We must have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. So, as we know HTML is used to develop a web application and it is nothing but a skeleton of the human body. Whereas CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) is used to give style to our website. Then JS is used to create a dynamic web application.
  2. After that, we have to learn the basic features of ES6. ES6 is the version of the JavaScript library. There are some feature are there, we have to learn before starting to learn ReactJS.
  3. Then you have to learn NPM. NPM means (Node Package Manager). It is used to install node modules and the package into your project.
  4. After learning the basic concepts given above, you have to ReactJS. So, you can learn some basic fundamentals of reaction like component, state, props, functional components, class components, connecting API, etc.,
  5. After being comfortable with basic fundamentals of ReactJS then try to build some small projects. If you practice more projects, then you will get some real-time experience to build apps. You can create projects like a calculator app, shopping cart, etc.,
  6. Then you should learn React router. This React router will help you how to load the content of a specific page or how to redirect to a specific page by using React router. Forex, suppose you are on the homepage you want to redirect to some other page like contact, about, etc. So, this will take care of by the React router.
  7. You have to learn server render and then web pack. Webpack will help you to maintain dependencies as static files of your project. It also comes with loaders that help to run specific tasks around the project.
  8. Then finally, you should learn REDEX. Redex is very important for React developers because Redex stores all the states in a single resource. Redex is also a JavaScript library that helps you to maintain all the states of an application.
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If you learned all the above steps technologies, then you will become a ReactJS developer. Nowadays, React developer is very high demand in the market. So, if you want to become a Front-end or UI developer, the React framework is one the best option to get a job.

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