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Top 10 Example of ReactJS Website

ReactJS Website Example

Netflix is a very good react website example as well as salesforce, yahoo mail, Flipboard and many react examples. Some of these were early believers while others joined in late. ReactJS is a popular open-source javascript library today, that prides itself upon enabling developers to build interactive user interfaces. Thus popular websites are built with React in abundance. It was originally developed as an internal technology for use within Facebook but became open source in 2013. Let’s see, more example of popular ReactJS website:

1. Facebook:

React was created by a software engineer at Facebook, and since then Facebook has maintained the framework even though it remains open-source. As such it would be unusual if Facebook does not use it while others do. There is a lot of interactivity on Facebook websites. Basically, if you like a post or add a comment the entire page must be reloaded to reflect this change. However, developers can bypass this by enabling partial reload. That is in the case of liking a post the like icon changes color to reflect while the rest of the page remains the same.

2. BBC (British broadcasting corporation)

This is another one of the top websites built with ReactJS. The BBC has migrated its website since 2015 and till uses it till now. Although it moved to a new react-based application called smog around 2020. Simorg is a single-page application built by the BBC world service as a rendering platform.

3. Netflix

This is another good example of React website. Many beginners are trained by building netflix clones at some point in their development such as how much the video streaming websites have come to be associated with the library. Netflix used it to render the server side of its web pages by pre-fetching ReactJS, particularly for its sign-up flow. This has enabled a boost in performance.

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4. Salesforce

According to the Salesforce blog, the experience is more of a library than a framework that endeared them to the platform, particularly because it is presentational declarative. It could be built into existing projects conveniently.

5. Asana

One of the asana’s primary motivations for migrating was to build a system that would be optimized for developers to be the most productive. They had a first-experience FX team whose goal was to deliver the maximum experience for first-time users in the first few seconds. This FX team had to facilitate cohesion between Asana’s luna framework and React.

6. Instacart

It joined the list of best ReactJS sites in 2016. When the grocery delivery and pickup service moved the technology stack from its website. Which had been built as a single-page application SPA using Jquery, panel underscore,s and backbone. However, this app started having issues with performance and debugging as it grew in size.

7. Dropbox (Hello sign)

In 2021, the dropbox tech team documented how it migrated the Hellosign editor from JQuery to ReactJS. Before then it already used the library for the signer. Hello sign is a company owned by dropbox and it offers a way to electronically sign documents.

8. Flipboard

The project in 2015 was to combine the canvas layout engine into React components to make react canvas.

9. Scribd

It is another one of the top websites built with React is the book subscription service. Scribd uses it for the front end of its website. Initially implementing it was challenging do issues with updates. Particularly the use of JSX for code in React made it joyfully easy to read and write. The Scribd team was also motivated by the fact that it enjoyed good support from the developer community. Thus coding in JSX was less challenging than the alternatives.

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10. YahooMail

It is one of the top examples of Reactjs website. In 2017, yahoo mail completely redesigned its desktop experience through a refreshed tech stack built upon technologies like React as well as its cousin redex. The main purpose of the change was to improve performance and reliability.


In recounting their journeys almost all of these companies encountered some form of challenge. However, the ones that have stuck to React pulled through by seeking an adaptive solution to their problems. Every organization deserves a team of developers who understand the project’s needs can properly articulate solutions

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