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What is Small tag in HTML | Beginners Guide

Small tag in HTML

In this article, we will see what is a small tag in HTML and how to use it. You can use the CSS font-size property to decrease or increase your text size. You can use the HTML <small> tag to make the font smaller without using CSS.

What is a small tag?

The small tag is used to reduce the text size. It is paired tag, so we can put an opening and closing tag. It is an inline-level tag, If we don’t use <br> (break) tag between two <small> tags then both will be displayed on the same line. The default value of an text size in <small> tag is 13px. If you use this tag, no default padding will be created like the <p> tag. This tag is rarely used by developers because the <small> tag is introduced in HTML5.

How to use <small> tag

<h1>Heading Text</h1>
<small>Small Text </small>
<p>Paragraph Text</p>


 small tag in html

In the above code, we have the <h1>, <small> and <p> tag. Three tags have some text inside. See the give output, the h1 tag is bigger because the default font size of h1 tag is 32px , the default font size value for small tag is 13.33px and the <p> tag is 16px.

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