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How to Download Source Code Images

Source Code Images

In this article we will see about how to download source code images. Now being a developer, you come across situations where you need to create documentation for our point slides. Sometimes, these tasks involve adding code snippets. When we copy and paste the code into the documentation or slides, it doesn’t really look good.

So, we can use the “carbon” website to create a nd share beautiful images of your source code. Lets explore what we can do with this site.

  • In these website, the first drop-down is to selcect a theme. You can choose any from that.
  • The second drop-down is to indicate the type fo your code like c, c++, etc. By default is set to auto and to be honest you can leave it that. You can also select HTML, CSS, Javascipt, python, etc.
  • The next option is background color for the region that surround your code snippet. Based on your theme, you can select a contrasting color to make an image look good. You can also choose images as your background.
  • Then you can write your code and download you source code as image.

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