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Three Different Ways to Create Strikethrough Text in HTML

Strike tag in HTML

What is a strike tag?

<strike><h1>Hello Everyone</h1></strike>

It is used to create strike text, which means strikethrough a word or text. All the words added inside the strike tag in HTML are called strikethrough text. We can use <u> tag under a line, same as the <strike> tag for strikethrough a text. We can also use <u> and <strike> at the same time. To create strikethrough text, we can use <strike>, <s> and <del> tags. All three tags do the same work.

How to create strikethrough text

<strike><h1>Welcome To</h1></strike>


strike tag in html
In the above code, The <h1> tag is used inside the <strike tag and the text is written inside it. So, strikethrough text is displayed in h1 text. You can also create strikethrough text with Italicized text. So, the <strike> tag nested tags. See the above output all Text will be displayed in Strikethrough text because these three tags are used to create Strikethrough text.

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