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Top 5 Important web developer roles

Web developer roles in 2022

  • Introduction
  • Domain Purchase
  • Hosting
  • Development
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  • Social media marketing
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In today’s world, so many companies are developed and web developer roles are very important. Those days they are trying to reach their products by advertising and poster. Those who develop a website are called web developers. They are three categories of web developers.

1. Front-end developer, means developing design and data into a web layout. They develop things you visible on websites you visit.
2. Back-end developer, which means developing logic workflow and server side programming for the web layout.
3. Full-stack Developer, means if a person knows both frontend and backend knowledge they are called full stack developer

Domain purchase of web developer roles :

The first role of all web developer roles is domain purchase. Domain means website address or name in google internet. If you are creating a website for a personal blog or professional business first you need a domain name. Only then can visitors come to your website with you. Your website name is typing any browser they will convert into IP address and reach it. The IP address will be placed on your website content. But searching domain name instead of searching IP address, because crores of IP address are here. IP addresses are very difficult to search websites. So, a domain name is an easy way to search websites. The domain name will be purchased for this one reason.

They are three types of domain names Top-level domain name Generic top-level domain, country code top-level domain, and another one is the new top-level domain. Most professional bloggers or companies are using the (.com) domain because it is a top-level domain and common TLD. The county code top-level domain is based on a specific country. If you have a business in a specific country, and you are a target, then you can buy this domain. Ex: .in – India, .UK -the United Kingdom. And the new top-level domain depends on your website service. Ex: .ninja, .app, .cool.

Domain Providing websites :

Check the availability of your domain name and purchase. For ex: If you are creating a Gmail account first check the availability same as a domain name. If not available change your name and purchase. The best Domain purchase websites are GoDaddy, Hostinger, Namecheap, and Bluehost. Some companies are giving domains, but you don’t buy domains. But some companies are not giving, you buy the domain name. Choose the short name of your domain and your added your service in a domain name. Choose domain character between 5 and 10 is best. Ex:,, and is best to search your website easily.

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Hosting Purchase:

Hosting means own place on the internet or intranet. It is a computer network and servers running in uptime 24/7 to host our domain. Many hosting-providing companies are there. World 1st hosting providing company is site ground. Hosting helps to store website data and files. They are four types of web hosting on-site ground. Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and cloud hosting. Shared hosting is used to create any type of blog and website.

This highest plan of shared hosting features is unlimited websites to create in one hosting, 30 GB webspace, manage 100k visitors, free WP installation, free SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, daily backup, free E-mail accounts, and unlimited databases. WordPress hosting is used to build professional blogging. It is very useful because WordPress is an easy method to create a website. WooCommerce hosting is used to build e-commerce sites for ex: Amazon, Flipkart, shop clues, And if you choose cloud hosting make big websites. If you are starting a blogging website you will pick shared and WordPress hosting is best.


Web developers using languages are HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL. This language basic is important to learn. HTML language is used for creating a structure of websites. CSS language is used to design a website. JavaScript is used to page interactive a website. PHP full form is a Hypertext preprocessor. It is a scripting language on the server side. jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library, and it is used for reducing the time to make sites. Some website development companies are using PHP Instead of python. The main developer’s requirements are some advanced frameworks and programming languages. Some companies are added to expect needed SEO and social marketing. First, you will create a page of websites and design the home page of the site. Essential is created a responsive. It means seeing websites on any device that will be responsive.

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SEO’s full form is Search engine optimization. It is very helpful to rank your post or article on google’s first page. You will link your website on Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Google’s search console is very useful for SEO and ranks on the first page in google. And you will see your website analytics in Google Analytics. Google Analytics is useful for current viewers, page views, bounce rate, and many options of your website. It mainly helps to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your websites. SEO is used perfect target audience comes. When we do this it is helpful in the long term. So, it is a long-term activity and not short-term like advertising. Its benefits come with high-quality ad leads.

Social media marketing in the web developer

The final step of web developer roles is Social marketing. Social media is active and popular many people use social media. In India 24 crores of people are active on Facebook, global level 250 crores of people are using social media. The use social media to communicate with our friends and see trending videos. To open any social media such as FB, or Instagram there is no intention, but opening any browser google or chrome is any intention. Publish your website ads on Facebook for the cost of 500Rs. The small business owner is trying to publish. Your ads were clear and to understand the audience. Social media is a fantastic place for establishing a brand.


Learning is very important for web development. If you are a beginner you will be struggling with web development, learn the basics of HTML and CSS first. After learning you will practice daily for 3 to 4 hours to create a simple and responsive website. And easily you will make a project for web development not using WordPress or other CMS sites for development.

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