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Web Development Basics for Beginners | Full Guide

Web development basics for beginners

  Now are 2022, in this current world changed into technology-related works. All fields come from a part of Web development basics for beginners. In this article, we will discuss Web Dev and all the basic things of a developer. And I tell you about, which Software & tools are needed, which language to be needed, and what you need to do, to be a WebDev and some tips to get a web developer job.

What is Web Development?

  Web development is work involving developing websites and hosting them via the internet. It is a very broad term and includes web designs, programming, publishing, and database management. Web development means building, creating, developing, and maintaining websites. It can make a simple static website with navigation bars,  images, animations, division, and complicated database designs. Web development for beginners’ main languages is HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP. Many tutorials and youtube channels are available to learn this programming language. Learn the basics and essential functions of these languages to create your website easily.

Web designer vs web developer

  There are two types of web development jobs one web designer and the other web designer. Few people mind it these two are the same. But these two are completely different. These two jobs have similar skills and different skills. The difference between web designers and web developers. So, for you choose the clear cut of the idea.

Web designer

To create a professional website layout. Its required skills are Photoshop for the simple image to design a beautiful, Imagination for gathering new ideas, creativity for building a creative website, communication skills for communicating with clients, and analytical skills for analyzing projects to complete. Web designer work is to design a website only and In which place should be placed on Image, text, link, animations, and buttons have to say. In this design, 80% of the work is created.

They are two different types of web designers UI designers and UX designers. UI designer means User Interface designer and their role is to design page layouts. And UX designer means User experience designers and roles are engaged a user to stay on the web. The two designers combined to say, visual designers.

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Web developer

 It is a programmer and to building a website. Web Developer required language skills are HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, PHP or PYTHON, MYSQL, and WordPress or drupal. First, as a web developer works are domain purchase, For ex: the address or name of the website is called domain. First of all check availability of the domain name and purchases. Few companies are given domain names. The next step is to purchase hosting. Service through network or storage provided to a person is called hosting. Next is the development of the website learning the basics of HTML, CSS & JS is compulsory.

 Few companies are using PHP or python. Mainly web developers will be these requirements are important, but now few companies are added expected to learn SEO(Search Engine Optimization), WordPress, and Social media marketing. SEO helps your website get a ranking on google’s first page. WordPress and Drupal are CMC (Content management systems). CMC helps to use generated themes, designs, buttons, and image layouts.

Basics Programming Languages for Web Development Beginners

 They are two types of Web development beginners in a website: Front-end development, which is client-side scripting, and back-end development server-side scripting. It will be a little difficult but worth it. Must learn of basics of these languages.

Front-end Languages

  • HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language )
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • JavaScript
  • Swift

Back-end Languages

  • JavaScript.
  • Python.
  • PHP.
  • Java.

Basics Frameworks for Web Development

 Frameworks give a set of tools and functions. If you want to make a big project, just enough do the important thing of projects not made from scratch. Many functionalities come in frameworks. Instead of repeating the basic functions already stored in some tool or libraries on a framework to use it. They are two main types of frameworks (Back-end) server-side and (Front-end) client-side frameworks. The work of the back-end framework is the inner working of the application and the work of the front-end framework was what user sees when they open the application’s external part designs.

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Front-end Develop Frameworks

  • Vue.js
  • Jquery
  • Django
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular
  • Svelte
  • Angular

Back-end Develop Frameworks

  • Django
  • Ruby on rails
  • Laravel
  • CakePHP
  • Flask
  • Spring Boot

Types of websites

They are two major types of websites. They are

  • Static website
  • Dynamic website

Static website

 Showing and using your web page is called a static website. If many users inside a static website all are viewing static. They are many static sites on the internet. It can only be updated by someone with knowledge of the website. Many small companies are using this type of website. The advantage of a static website is fast to develop Cheap to develop and host. The disadvantages are Requires Web development beginners’ expertise to update the website is not as useful for the user, and Content can get stagnant. It contains pages with fixed content. It is client-side processing and the required technologies are HTML, CSS, and JS. Java script mainly to make static websites. Wikipedia is static because everyone sees the same content and it is less updated. It is the basic type of site and easy can create. This type of website is highly secure than dynamic.

Dynamic website

 User interaction to contact another person is called a dynamic website. It contains dynamic pages such as templates, scripts, etc. Ex: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. When they open a dynamic website everyone sees different content. The same person sees different content when the dynamic website is opened multiple times. Web development beginners update the content, users, features, location, etc. The advantage of a dynamic website is easy to update content and add a blog post on your mobile phone and no expert knowledge is needed. It creates content dynamically because it is processed server-side. It is less secure compared to static sites because it behaves as a full-duplex approach.


  These Languages and frameworks are important to learn. You creating dynamic or static sites with coding knowledge are very use full in this future.

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