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What Does div Stand for in HTML

What Does div Stand for in HTML

<div> tag is paired tag and block level tag. We can create multiple sections using <div> tag. For example, every website contains a header, content, and footer section. what does Div stand for in HTML Language? , “DIVISION”. To create these sections, we need to use HTML <div>. It is also used to create layouts of web pages, I show you different examples of creating layouts by using a div tag. I hope you remember, we have created our own profile by using a table tag. Tables are quite complex to modify, if we create a layout of a webpage by using the <table> tag then it will be very difficult to modify the layout, which means tables are not flexible for creating layouts of web pages.

Whereas div tags are recommended to create layouts of webpages because div tag helps us to create a flexible layout that we can modify at any time easily.

How div tag works

It is a container tag which means we can put more than one HTML element into a div tag we can group them together. For ex: Here we have created a div tag. Note that the <p> and <h1> tag is placed inside the div tag.

<div style="background-color: pink;">
<h1> Heading Section </h1>
<p> Content Section </p>


what does div stand for in html

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