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What is CSS Language in 2022 | Full Guide

What is CSS Language 2022

This article is about, what is CSS language in 2022.

Why CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It is a presentation language and it is used to describe presentations of the web page. Using just HTML we can’t create appealing professional websites, we can’t be able to add styles animation special efforts, and transitions to web pages. To create well-designed websites we need to take the help of CSS. CSS helps us to create consistent, readable, accessible, manageable, and appealing professional websites.

What is CSS?

Cascading (inheritance) generally means passing something on to successors or pouring something downwards. With respect to our websites or web, designing cascading style means passing on (some styles) to successive HTML tags or pour (some styles) downwards (i.e child tags /nodes/elements).

Cascading Style Sheet / Document:

CSS contains a collection of style rules some of them are passed on or inherited to child tags when applied to their parent tags. CSS is something like a beauty kit for our web pages or an entire website. It is used to add design aesthetics, and design principles and create the most appealing and well-designed websites, which is not possible by using just HTML.

  • HTML is a formatting language and CSS is a reformatting language for web pages.
  • HTML is a structural language and CSS is a presentational language for web pages.


CSS3 is the latest standard specification and CSS standards are maintained by the w3c World Wide Web consortium Organization. So, hope you guys are understood what is CSS.

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