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What is Jquery Used for | Explained

what is jquery used for

In this article, we will see what is jquery used for. First, we will thank those team for creating such an amazing learning JavaScript library. It is an easy-to-learn javascript library. To understand jquery you must and should have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

What is jquery?

It is one of the most popular, easy-to-learn, open-source, cross-browser, cross-platform, javascript libraries.

Open source(free):

The original source code is freely available to read, understand, modify, use and extend according to user requirements.

Cross-browser (browser independent):

It works in almost all modern browsers like IE9, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

Cross-platform (platform independent):

It works on almost all platforms like windows, Linux, Mac Os, Android, etc.

Javascript Library (API: Application Program Interface):

It is the collection of pre-written and reusable Javascript objects, and methods (function), which we can use while designing websites or developing web applications quickly. It is also an API. If you are familiar with c,c++ then you know what are libraries and libraries. C and C++ recognize reusable objects and methods.

Why Jquery?

The most important reason behind developing is to simplify client-side scripting (i.e. coding javascript). If you are not familiar with javascript coding then you will face a lot of difficulties in some situations so you can fix it all with jquery.

  • Selecting or targeting elements,
  • Adding styles,
  • Adding effects,
  • Creating animations,
  • Event handling,
  • Navigation and manipulating DOM tree, and
  • Developing¬† AJAX applications etc. much simpler than Javascript.

It has changed the way how JavaScript is written by millions of designers and developers around the world.

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Today most websites over the net user Jquery.

Jquery has a very wide community and forum (Check here)

It is continuously getting updates.

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