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What is HTML noscript Tag | Explained

What is noscript

In this article, I would like to discuss what is noscript. This tag is used to detect when scripts are disabled in the browser. <noscript> tag is something that you put in like your HTML soil and essentially what this allows is if the JavaScript is not supported or enabled on your web browser.

This bit of code will get run usually you just inform the user by saying “your browser does not support javascript”, know please download the browser up does because you know such a pain if you are going on a create some complex website and you are not going to use JavaScript.

The tag looks like this:

<noscript>JavaScript Not Supported </noscript>

In my browser, JS is supported, so this code won’t execute. To see our noscript tag content to disable JS. To disable javascript on your browser, follow this navigation “browser > settings > privacy and security > site setting > search Javascript > disable.

what is noscript
See the above output we disabled the JS, so it executes <noscript> tag content.

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