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Is Vue JS is better than React JS? | Introduction to Vue

What is Vue JS Used For

What is vue.js?

It is a popular JavaScript framework for building user interfaces (UI). The core vue library is focuse on doing one thing and doing that one thing really well which building user interfaces. It doesn’t focus on the other aspects of your application like routing or HTTP requests. Now, if that raises a concern has to how would you handle routing HTTP and other functionality? So, in this article, we will see what is the vue js used for

Vue.js has a rich ecosystem of other powerful libraries that you can integrate based on your app requirement. For ex: there is vue npm package for complex state management, Vue router for routing, vuetify for UI elements, and a lot more libraries for every requirement you might have for your application.

Why you might want to learn Vue?

It currently has 178k Github starts – the third most starred GitHub repository in the world. It simply means that thousands of developers around the world enjoy working with vue. In this huge community, you’re going to find solutions to most of the problems that you face when building complex web applications.

Vue docs core reasons

The Vue docs categories into three core reasons:

  1. Vue is approachable: It is familiar with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You can add the script tag with a reference to vue.js and start building vue application. The developer experience is also great with tools like the vue dev tools which give insight into your apps. And also tools like Vue CLI with which you can quickly scaffold and manage projects. It also has a component-based architecture. Vue is declarative, which means we just have to tell vue what we want the UI to look like and vue will do the hard work of ensuring the DOM is modified to reflect. This is the contrast with the imperative programming model may be usually listed down the steps explicitly and ask the library to do one thing after the other. The bottom line is that vue will make it painless for you to create complex user interfaces by abstracting away the difficult parts.
  2. Vue is versatile: You have the choice of creating powerful single-page applications from scratch using build tools as we pack. You can choose to incorporate Vue into your existing legacy projects and make progressive enhancements by making changes only to certain parts of your application.
  3. Vue is performant: It measures just 20 kilobytes minified and gzipped at runtime. Because of virtual DOM, only the necessary pieces in the DOM are update which results in better performance.
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Vue is a framework built by taking the good parts from a lot of other libraries and frameworks and then improving where necessary. So, if you work with react, you might actually see a lot of similarities. Vue is going to be a great addition to your skill set.

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