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Which HTML element defines the title of a document?

Where is the title tag defined?

If you are not sure how to change the document title of a webpage, this article is for you. This article is about, which HTML element defines the title of a document.

what is a document of title?

The title of a webpage or website is called of title. Your title will always be displayed on the side of the site logo. For example, if you go to youtube the title will show as “youtube”. There is no character limit for document titles in HTML. But if you set your document title to0 long then the full title will not be displayed to the user, so I recommend you to keep your document title within 25 characters. Because the title tab will only display 20 characters. If your title is long, users can only see the document title by hovering over the title tab.

Which HTML element defines the title of a document?

<title> Type your document title here</title>

The HTML <title> element should be used to create the title of a document. You should set the <title> tag inside the <head> tag and give the document title inside it. Before you create an HTML page you need to give the document title. If you don’t give any title in the title tag, then the name of your HTML file will automatically display in the document title. For example, if you create an HTML file called “demo.html” and set the title tag to blank then “demo.html” will be displayed in the name document title. And in the title tag, you can also give special characters like $, #, %, *, etc.

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How to create a Document title in HTML?

The document title always appears in the <head> section of your HTML document. If you use the <title> tag directly without giving a head tag your document title will display but it is the not correct method. And the structure is as follows:

<title> Type your document title here</title>
Type your content here//

All tags have an opening and closing tag, only some rare tags do not have a closing tag: <br>, <input>.

  1. First you should create the <html> element and then create the <head> and <body> tag separately inside the HTML tag as shown in the above code.
  2. Then create a <title> tag inside the <head> tag and put your document title inside the title tag as in the above code.
  3. All the HTML code of the webpage you want to render should be given inside the <body> tag.

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